App Tracking Transparency and how it will affect you as a business

When Apple decided to put data privacy controls back in the hands of users with the release of the App Tracking Transparency feature in the iOS 14 update, it caused quite a stir in the advertising landscape. Now, every digital marketing company out there is trying to adapt to those changes as they have huge implications on an app’s ability to track its user’s data.


Essentially, this means that all iOS apps, including Instagram and Facebook, will need to adjust to Apple’s new transparent approach or face undesirable consequences. Social media apps will now be required to ask their users for explicit permission to track their data, giving them the option to refuse to grant that permission anytime. Without that access, apps will not be able to deliver targeted, and customized advertising which is how Facebook targeted ads thrive in the market today.


Adjusting Your Facebook Marketing Strategy


The iOS 14 update warrants close monitoring and careful planning if you are to keep your social media marketing services to be profitable. Here’s what you need to know about the iOS 14 update.


It Won’t Kill Advertising


When it comes to digital advertising, the issue of privacy will always be a concern. However, it’s no reason to worry as this change does not impact desktop advertising. There needs to be a realignment of expectations and platform capabilities if Facebook ads are to continue being a viable and successful platform for businesses such as yours. Total conversions are expected to decrease, but that will just make campaigns that much more valuable.


Adapting to the Change Is Necessary


Facebook already made a statement that the iOS 14 update could potentially drive more commerce directly into the platform. They claim that they do not entirely rely on online activity since they have other mechanisms in place for advertisers.


Consider Broad Targeting


As conversion rates are expected to decrease due to the new App Tracking Transparency update, there are still ways to optimize your Facebook ads. Broadly targeting your ads can still be a suitable option given that the ad is well-designed. An example of this is brand awareness campaigns, which make users become familiar with your business. Although relevancy may take a hit for users who opt-out of tracking, they can still be targeted or retargeted given that they are still subscribed to an email list for a business.


Comparing Conversion Results


To see how much your conversion rates are affected by the update, you can turn to your marketer to review your ad history. You will then compare the average conversions during a 28-day period to a 7-day period. Doing this will give you a baseline to determine the rate at which your conversions have decreased.




The App Tracking Transparency feature included in the iOS 14 update is considered a game-changer by many marketers, advertisers, and business owners. It will certainly keep a lot of people on their toes, as the update will cause a lot of ripples for many years to come.

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